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The History behind Safeside Consultants

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Hello my name is Israel schneck in 2017 I had opened my first company duplx development. Duplx is a construction and development company, in my time as director of this company, one of the biggest hassles I found was health and safety. 

The main reason being there wasn’t a company that could provide the correct guidance and knowledge having searched I came across a few companies which claim they provide impeccable health and safety but all they did was send a load of paperwork without explaining what it is or what to do with it. 

How Safeside consultants started

I decided to open safesite consultants as a tailored health and safety company that looks at each individual clients needs.

 My goal is to make health and safety fit perfectly into each individual client company seamlessly and remove the headache and hassle that dawns on many companies out there.

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